We Will Serve is a non-profit organization that enables parents & caregivers to provide their children with clothing and essential items.

About You

About YouYou are a parent or caregiver that is in need and having difficulty providing your children with clothing or essential baby items for one reason or another.

We realize that you don’t need to be homeless or a fire victim to be “IN NEED”. There are thousands of families that are unemployed, or are on the verge of being laid off and struggling financially. Perhaps you just welcomed a new baby to your family or are expecting and are experiencing difficulties providing. Maybe you’ve had to care for a sick family member and the costs are overwhelming you. Or you need a winter wardrobe for your kids and the expense is simply too high.  You don’t qualify for government assistance programs because of your income being above “low income” guidelines, and are barely able to pay the bills.  The reasons for your struggles are vast.

There are many different types of need, and one NEED is equal to the next. It’s all relative. We don’t discriminate towards anyone’s specific need nor do we judge if you are in need or not.

To help us best serve your family, please CLICK HERE to fill out a brief family profile questionnaire.  Please only one profile per household.