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Jo’s Testimony

As read by Jo Sexton on 5.18.07 at her baptism.

In May of 2005 I moved to my dream cottage on the beach.  I met my neighbor who unbeknownst to me would become my best friend, the Father of my son, and my Husband..in that order.  We found out I was pregnant in January of 2006 and married a year ago, a week from today.  Not only have I been blessed with a beautiful family, but I had been given a second, third, fourth and many many more chances.  The Lord waited patiently for me as I strayed from him time and time again.

Jo Sexton and Mexican girlFrom 1997-2004, 7 years of my life prior to meeting AJ I was in an abusive, controlling relationship to which I saw no end.  I was living in sin and had chosen worldly gifts rather than a Christian life.  I had chosen to serve the Lord under my conditions, my terms..not His.  As the years passed I felt that by being a “lukewarm” Christian, abuse was my punishment and I was not worthy of being happy.   I left that relationship and quickly things began to change..healing began the more I allowed the Lord to work in my life and gave him control.

The day we found out we were expecting I knew it was the day that I would give my life to the Lord completely and wholly. Almost immediately after learning about our pregnancy we began to search for a church and Newport Mesa became our home.  For weeks after coming to church the first time I sat in the back and could not go through a service without crying..the Holy Spirt was stirring within me..creating a tornado and softening my heart.   Each day as I witnessed the miracle of life that was inside of me..knowing that my son was growing from the size of a sesame seed, to a grain of rice, to a peanut, a walnut, and so on..to feel him move inside of me, to hear his heartbeat for the first time..I thought to myself, how could there not be a God?!?!

My faith grew and grew wholeheartedly, and in the past 4 months I had prayed to the Lord to give me a sign, to let me know that I was ready to be baptized because it was what my heart longed for.  You see I was that person who at Easter Service raised their hand when the Pastor asked you to close your eyes and accept the Lord into your life…the difference is that I did it 7 times.  This past Easter as I stood in the front row and Scott asked us to close our eyes and give our life to the Lord, I did not raise my hand.  That was my SIGN, there was no need for me to raise my hand because I had truly accepted the Lord already the previous year. I quietly giggled with happiness and glee, knowing that my prayer had been answered!!

I stand before you AJ..my loving Husband, my family, my friends, and with my heart in my hand I tell you that I accept the Lord as my Savior!!!